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California State Licensed

    Pediatric Speech &
    Language Therapy

Keep Talking Early Start Services

Speech and Language therapy is provided by a California licensed and
ASHA accredited Speech-Pathologist.

Direct 1:1 speech-language therapy is provided in the client’s natural settings including the home, community settings determined by the family, and/or day-care, as deemed appropriate by the IFSP team or per insurance.  
These services consist of comprehensive age appropriate assessment, diagnosis, treatment and family/caregiver education. The areas of communication development addressed include pre-linguistic communication skills, non-verbal communication, receptive language, and expressive language including; functional language, pragmatic language, social-interaction and engagement, articulation and intelligibility, fluency, voice and augmentative communicative systems.  

In addition to 1:1 direct speech-language therapy, the speech-language pathologist provides on-going collaboration and consultation and trainings to parents/caregivers, intensive ABA programs, center base and other programs’ staff working with the child to enhance and facilitate optimal individual intervention.  

Documentation provided includes client assessment/evaluation and treatment plans therapy notes, consultation and collaboration notes and professional correspondence.  

The speech-language pathologist will attend professional meetings that include: IFSP and IEP meetings, appointments, case review and program planning, transition planning meeting, and public education and private education facilities as is deemed appropriate by parents, and IFSP team members.

Assessment/evaluation includes: review of current assessments and reports, medical reports, observation of the client in current natural environments, and parent/caregiver interviews.  

Individual standardized and/or non-standardized assessments that may be administered include one or more of the following batteries:
•    Battelle Developmental Profile-Second Edition (BDI-II)
•    Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test-Third Edition (REEL-3)
•    Preschool Language Scale-Fifth Edition (PLS-5)
•    Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Second Edition.
•    Oral Motor evaluations
•    Test of Pragmatic Skills
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